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“Melissa Katz provided educational therapy to my daughter Ciara who is in grade 11 during the school year of 2009. My daughter received help in reading, reading decoding, comprehension, spelling, writing, and vocabulary. The progress my child made during this time was tremendous. Ciara was well below grade level when she started with Miss Katz. She would not read books as she found this a difficult task. She could not differentiate between the tenses, and could not comprehend what she read. After about a month or so, I noticed an increase in Ciara's vocab. She was also able to complete her homework independently. Her grades improved slightly on her first semester report card. Now at this point in the school year, she is not failing any subjects and her grades have soared. She is confident and now knows that she can learn. Her reading skills have also greatly improved. She actually enjoys reading and is able to comprehend. I recommend Miss Katz's services as an educational therapist because of her outstanding ability to get results. She is pleasant, professional and highly educated in her field. She has the ability to see where weaknesses are and treat them. I had serious doubts about whether my daughter would graduate high school, and now we thinking about college. I highly recommend Miss Katz as an educational therapist.”
—Parent of HS student with learning disabilities, Queens, NY

“With her consistent professionalism and expertise, Ms. Katz managed to help bring my daughter up to grade level in reading.”
—Parent of 4th grade Special Education student, Forest Hills, NY

"You must be a magician. I constantly see signs of progress that I wouldn't have believed possible"
—Parent of 5th grade Special Education student, Brooklyn, NY

"The progress my child made during this time was excellent. He improved in reading and writing, and was moved from the "low" level to the "middle level" in both areas. His confidence, self-esteem, and also his ability to write independently have also dramatically increased. As a result he became an honor student."
—Parent of Elementary Education student, Forest Hills, NY

"I just wanted to thank you very much again because I just passed my High School entrance test, and did very well on it. " —ESL middle school student, Greenwich, CT

"My son was extremely pleased with the help he received from your service, and it enabled his to make great progress in his studies. "
—Parent of High School student with learning disabilities, NYC, NY

"My son has finally passed the RCT science exam after getting your help. He took the exam more than 5 times, and he was unable to pass in the past. We are so excited that he is now in the process of obtaining his official H.S. School Diploma."
— Parent of High School student, Kew Gardens, NY

"As a result of this tutoring my daughter was able to grasp and understand her math much more clearly. She was even able to excel in some areas."
—Parent of 4th grade student, Whitestone, NY

"You have not only improved my child's academic work, but just as important gave him confidence that he could learn and succeed. I Don't have words enough to thank you for what you've done this year.. You are a very gifted teacher, and I hope the person you will be tutoring next realizes how very lucky they are."
—Parent of Special Education Elementary School student, Brooklyn, NY

"Word recognition has really come together for him. He is not only reading age appropriate words, but sentences as well. His confidence level is such that he is willing to take some chances to further his reading. His teacher reports that he is now on grade level in all areas including reading. He has now received all A's on his report card.
I am convinced that you have given him tools that enabled him to move forward...a lot has come together for him recently."
—Parent of 1st grade child with learning disabilities and language delays

"John is now doing well in middle school. He made gold honor roll for the first marking period. Thank you."
—Parent of middle school special education student, Rego Park, NY

"I am very well aware of the incredible progress my son has made since he has been working with you. I also see the difference, and so do his teachers. You have done truly great things with him-things his school and others have never succeeded with. Thanks"
—Parent of 5th Grade Student, Roslyn, NY

John scored a 35 on the ACT (almost perfect score/ top .038% of students in the country. It’s equivalent to 2340 on the SAT – very rare). Thanks for your help with that prep,

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