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1 to 1 individualized and small group Educational Therapy for K-12
Provided by Orton-Gillingham AcademyTrained (8 years +) Educational Therapist.
I offer individual and group sessions in all areas of reading. This includes: reading decoding, reading fluency, visual tracking, reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, word retrieval, vocabulary building, organization, auditory processing, writing, handwriting; perception and memory enhancement. I also provide specialized help in other academic areas, including multi-sensory math, multi-sensory writing, and study skills. In addition to academic support, I also offer Cognitive Training and Success Training.
Using the TOPSMART approach:TimingOrganizationProcessingSpeedMultisensoryActionRecallTracking....and more
I provide individual and group Educational Therapy. Students gain mastery level academic skills while developing critical thinking skills. As a result they are able to overcome learning disabilities and achieve academic success and confidence.  
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I use Orton-Gillingham and Wilson (an Orton-Gillingham-based approach). The techniques used are based on clinical research. I assess the individual needs of each student. I then develop a plan, which will help him or her to become a more effective reader.
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I provide support in the areas of test-prep, organizational skills, grammar , and writing. The student will improve his or her critical thinking skills, memory, and overall confidence.
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